May 28, 2024

#4 Tax and Legals on Selling a Business, LinkedIn Chat, and Prioritising Happiness! Steven Mather


In this episode of the Talkin' Tax podcast, the worlds of tax and law come together to tackle a crucial topic: the tax implications of selling a business.

Join me as I sit down with Stephen Mather from Steven Mather Solicitors to unravel the complexities of this process.

Together, we'll explore the ins and outs of selling a business from a tax perspective, breaking down the jargon and offering practical insights. Stephen will guide us through the entire journey, sharing his expertise every step of the way.

But it's not all about business. We also explore the importance of work-life balance and finding happiness in our professional journeys. Plus, Stephen shares his secrets to success on LinkedIn, proving that networking can be a game-changer for lawyers.

Stay tuned for an insightful conversation that demystifies tax and law, only on the Talkin' Tax podcast! Hosted by Omar Aswat, founder of ASWATAX.

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