TEA & TAX Property Incorporation: MASSIVE Tax Benefit

MASSIVE tax benefit - uplift in base costs of underlying properties. Unspoken of benefit that can become extremely valuable especially to those looking to dispose of some of their properties held in a personal capacity in the near future. We are experts in property tax and IHT matters so do get in touch!

What travel expenses can I claim as a landlord?

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Do you own a UK Property? Flowchart

The 3 Stages of Changing the Beneficial Interest in a Property

The 3 stages including a deed of trust purchase price, e.g. 25% and 75%, and wish their contributions to be reflected in a legal document; or where a husband or wife owns the legal title to their property in their sole name, and the other spouse (by consent) wishes the underlying beneficial interest (i.e. the net sale proceeds) to be reflected in a legal document.

There are 3 steps that must be undertaken for all to be effective.

A further point is you (or your clients) may want to share rental income in one share and then any profit for CGT in another way.

Tax planning between husband and wife should always be considered, whether that be for income tax, capital gains tax or inheritance tax.