About Aswatax

We provide quality, bespoke tax advice and consultancy services for accountants, high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs, business owners and fellow tax advisors.


We pride ourselves and continuously aim to provide the best experience and service for our clients, and we do this by constantly revising and managing expectations and being straightforward and candid in our communications.

Moreover, we regularly engage in our own development and technical abilities to allow ourselves to provide the highest level of tax advice; ultimately staying ahead of the game.


No two individuals, companies or trusts will ever have the same tax issues. Our well-rounded expertise and relentless research permits us to deliver comprehensive solutions and advice to any scenario.

Also, we have the creativity, skill and mindset to produce valuable tax planning solutions, as well as the elegance and jargon capabilities to advise expertly!

Omar Aswat

I have been in the finance profession for nearly 10 years now and my journey began whilst studying at university, initially as an accountant / auditor. I quickly moved into tax compliance and began my ATT studies and since then, gained invaluable experience on the advisory side and completed the highest level of tax qualification in the UK as a Charteted Tax Advisor

Thankfully, I have advised clients in all areas of taxation. This solid exposure, along with my technical knowledge and relentless research, mixed with the passion I have for taxation as well as my communication abilities and qualifications, allows me to provide world-class tax advice.

I regularly assist individuals and families on their inheritance tax planning where we advise and implement our planning to mitigate and eliminate the tax bill.

I have a keen interest in property and investments so we advise many landlords with the correct structure of operation. Other key areas we advise on are corporate reorganisations, EIS / SEIS and R&D for our clients.

Saying that, I am a firm believer of learning by experience, so each day in practice simply licenses me to grow even stronger and provide a thorough, bespoke and comprehensive services to my clients in this beautiful world of tax!

What you may be thinking now – ‘beautiful world of tax’; bit of a saddo. LOL 😅

However, I am always grateful for what I do and I really enjoy my work. One from the many reasons why I love taxation is due to the constant revisions of legislation and guidance which keeps me motivated and observant. I HATE repetition! My mind switches off.

Additionally, most individuals over the age of 18 will have tax come up somewhere in their life, so being able to assist people and help them save their hard earned money gives me great pleasure and satisfaction.

Who wouldn’t want to do that!??

I enjoy to work really closely with our clients and for me, its more about building a lasting relationship. I totally appreciate this and I know that this is the backone in business.

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Alternatively, you can connect with me on LinkedIn or email me directly: omar@aswatax.co.uk
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